Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Guidethrough?

Guidethrough is a cloud-based SaaS application that enables you to create interactive, step-by-step Guidethrough tours, in-application tooltips and downloadable docx process training guides for users of your web applications and websites without coding.

What is a Guidethrough tour?

A Guidethrough tour is a sequence of steps through your web application or website. A single Guidethrough can have any number of steps. Each Guidethrough tour guides your users through the sequence of steps for processes in your application or website.

Does Guidethrough create training guides for end users?

Absolutely! The downloadable docx training guides that Guidethrough creates are done at the same time as the guided web tours (Guidethroughs) are produced.

There is no additional effort required as the training guides are created concurrent to the Guidethrough web tours.

How quickly can I get started with Guidethrough?

Within minutes! You just need to install our Guidethrough Developer extension for your Chrome browser and you’re all set to create Guidethrough tours. We have built the Developer so that anyone can be creating Guidethroughs in minutes and without needing to write code.

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Does an end user of my application or website need to install the Chrome browser extension?

No. Once you add Guidethrough’s JavaScript code snippet to your application or website, your users can then see the published Guidethroughs (web tours) and InfoTips without installing the Chrome browser extension. In this way, without installing an extension, Guidethrough will work for your end users across modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE etc.

What if I don’t have access to my web application’s code to install the JavaScript snippet?

In the case where you are using a web application (such as where you don’t have access to the code to load the JavaScript snippet, then your users can use Guidethrough’s Player Chrome browser extension. By using the Player extension Guidethrough will work for your end users across any web application.

What about security?

Guidethrough uses HTTPS protocol and all accounts (and associated data) are access controlled.

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