Application Step-by-Step Screen Guidance. Training Delivered Faster. Smarter. Effectively.

Guidethrough delivers step-by-step screen guidance embedded into system processes within your enterprise applications.

This enables in-application training on a moment-of-need basis, so your end users learn while doing.

Unlike formal training methods, where your end users are often expected to learn all of the processes in your business applications all at once, Guidethrough provides on-screen guidance to train your users right when they need it. This makes the training – and of course the learning – digestible, relevant and timely.

What’s more, traditional end user training methods are eye-wateringly expensive, take a lot of effort and are often not effective in actually training your employees.

With Guidethrough your end users are productive even while learning how to use a new application.

Try it for yourself and see how Guidethrough’s Step-by-Step Screen Guidance can help you deliver truly effective training for just a few cents per user.

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