The. Best. User Onboarding.


Effectively onboarding new users, and especially at scale, is an impossible – or impossibly expensive – dream. Right?

Actually, no – not when using Guidethrough’s live, in-application guidance to walk your new users through your applications.
With Guidethrough your users are working directly in your live application. The Guidethrough tours lead your users through each process, showing them – step-by-step – where to click, what to enter and how to move through each part of the process right to the end.
This is the most effective way to fast-track novice users to proficiency – and with Guidethrough it’s highly scalable and a fraction of the cost of high-touch methods.

Guidethrough’s just-in-time guidance means that new users have the help they need, right when they need it and right where they need it – live in your application.
Users onboarded. Perfect.

Try it for yourself and see how Guidethrough can help you achieve the User Onboarding dream.