Reduce Support Costs With Self-Service Support

Guidethrough is a just-in-time support platform that empowers your users to self-serve their support needs and helps in cutting down your overall support costs.

Guidethrough’s on-screen step-by-step interactive guides help users in your website or web application right where you want to provide support, and improves their overall user experience.

If users become lost or confused in your website or web application, with Guidethrough you can provide them with a self-service tool to support them without having to leave the webpage, saving their time and your resources.

Guidethrough will step users through support solutions in real time and reduce the number of support tickets and helpdesk calls. This makes a massive difference to slashing your support costs with the added benefit of alleviating customer frustration.

Try it for yourself and see how Guidethrough can help you reduce your support costs.