Workflow Embedded Learning = Effective Experiential Learning

Workflow embedded learning is best described as learning while doing.

Research indicates that workflow embedded learning is in fact more powerful than traditional learning approaches as the more contextual the learning is to the job or task, the more the individual needs – and is motivated – to learn to accomplish the job.

Workflow embedded learning recognizes that for learning to be effective, it must fit around and align itself to working days and work tasks. Rather than think of corporate learning as learning to do, it’s now become learning while doing.

What’s more, embedded learning can drive nearly three times the improvement in performance in individuals compared to other formal training approaches – all at a fraction of the cost.

Guidethrough enables workflow embedded learning.

It is the perfect platform to deliver screen guidance and content right when the individual is engaged in their work tasks, that is completely relevant to the task at hand (and nothing that is not), just in time and just enough.

Guidethrough means that your system users are learning while they are doing. It avoids the knowledge retention and high cost issues of formal training and gets the work tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Try it for yourself and see how Guidethrough can enable Workflow Embedded Learning in your organization.

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