Customer’s Aha! Moment = Customer Success


How do you get new users to fall in love with your application? How do you get them to stick around long enough to become activated, paying customers?

By guiding them to the Aha! moment.

Guidethrough enables you to give your new users a “learn by doing” approach. It allows you to immerse them in an interactive, guided application experience right off the bat.

The Guidethrough tours show your new users step-by-step where to click and what to enter. This allows them to complete the steps they need to learn with your application, flow seamlessly into the app experience and reach their Aha! moment.

The faster and more effortlessly your new users get to Aha! – and realise real value – then the higher the likelihood of them becoming activated, paying customers.
Guidethrough is the ideal platform to help you achieve customer success.

Try it for yourself and see how Guidethrough can help your new users become activated, paying customers.